Introducing Our Opening Night Performance – The Hoy Polloy

Join us for a night of networking and entertainment as we listen to live music presented by the Hoy Polloy! An American multi-genre band formed in 2012, this band is best known for their energy-driven live performances. Hoy Polloy’s name, inspired by “hoi polloi” which in Greek translates to “the masses” reflects the band’s decision to not be bound by a single genre. They will be sure to electrify the evening as we kick off a weekend to remember at Viva United!

Awards Entertainment – The Hit Factory Band

Wrap up a year of success and achievements with a live performance from The Hit Factory Band! A young and energetic group featuring four dynamic front vocalist entertainers, a rhythm section and one of the hottest brass sections around they cover a huge variety of styles from Big Band and Swing up to today’s contemporary pop artists. Their fun and entertaining style will be a performance you won’t want to miss!

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